Resin Surfacing Products

BoundFast Resin Bound Catalyst

PERMABOUND BoundFast Resin Catalyst is a solution designed to accelerate the curing process of resin bound stone installations. Supplied in a convenient 200ml bottle, each catalyst bottle catalyses up to 45 kits (depending on dosage), providing exceptional value and performance.

Ideal for reducing resin curing time in cold weather conditions, BoundFast catalyst ensures an even and consistent cure, allowing experienced installers to maintain complete control over their projects. Our accelerator should only be added to un-catalysed resin bound kits to prevent any issues with the resin curing too quickly.

With BoundFast, installers can tailor the curing process to meet the specific needs of each project. Simply add the catalyst to the part A component of the resin at levels ranging from 0.01% to 0.5% by weight, depending on temperature conditions. Typically used in temperatures between 10-20°C, the exact dosage can be adjusted based on the day’s temperature, providing flexibility and precision.

Experience enhanced efficiency and reliability with PERMABOUND BoundFast. Streamline your resin bound installations and achieve superior results, even in challenging weather conditions. Trust BoundFast catalyst for consistent and dependable performance on every project.