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Resin Bound Stone

Customisable colours

naturally non-slip

seamless surface

highly Permeable

weather resistant

strong & durable

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highly Permeable

Resin bound stone surfaces allow water to pass through them at a rate much higher than virtually any other surfacing type.

Helping to reduce flood risk, standing water and improving the water as it returns to the water table, there’s no better surface than resin bound stone.

seamless surface

Unlike concrete, block paving and paving slabs (three of the most popular surfacing types), resin bound stone is installed as one continuous surface, reducing the number of points of failure.

A seamless surface won’t become wobbly or uneven and as there are no blocks or slabs, it will never cause a trip hazard.

weather resistant

During spells of hot weather, the temperature of tarmac and concrete can soar and the surface expands, before contracting again. This causes the surface to start crumbling, cracking and degrading.

Resin bound stone is tolerant of both high and low temperatures, making it more durable than most other surfaces.

naturally non-slip

As surfaces age, they can lose their abrasive nature or become ingrained with dirt, moss or algae. Slabs and block pavers can be very slippery when wet, particularly during periods of cold weather.

Resin bound stone is naturally slip-resistant and can be tailored to increase the level of slip-resistance during installation, according to needs.

Customisable colours

Want block paving? Choose between red or grey. Want tarmac? Choose between black or red. Want concrete? Choose between… grey and grey!

Resin bound stone blends are made up of dozens of different aggregates, meaning you can create an almost endless number of custom blends. Don’t fit in, be unique!

strong & durable

By blending strong, crush-resistant stone with high-tensile, specially formulated polyurethane resin, resin bound stone becomes incredibly strong, capable of withstanding traffic from HGVs when installed correctly.

Thanks to its weather resistance, durable nature and seamless installation, a well-installed resin bound stone surface can last up to 20 years or more.

Madagascar resin bound slab


Blue Haze resin bound slab

Blue Haze

Coral Fleck resin bound slab

Coral Fleck

Whitehaven resin bound slab


Spanish Grey resin bound slab

Spanish Grey

Sunstone resin bound slab


Iberian Sun resin bound slab

Iberian Sun

Space Grey resin bound slab

Space Grey

Cirrus resin bound slab


Cavendish resin bound slab


Bantam resin bound slab


Daydream resin bound slab


Chess resin bound slab


Saracen resin bound slab


Pewter resin bound slab


Snowfall resin bound slab


Raven resin bound slab


Fable resin bound slab


Luxor resin bound slab


Pompeii resin bound slab


Haze resin bound slab


Mono resin bound slab


Liquorice resin bound slab


Flax resin bound slab


Runestone resin bound slab


Buckwheat resin bound slab


Partisan resin bound slab


Caramelita resin bound slab


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is resin bound stone?

Resin bound stone is a mixture of natural aggregates bound together with a UV-stable resin. It creates a solid, permeable surface that is both durable and visually appealing.

The permeable nature of resin bound stone allows large amounts water to drain through the upper surface, preventing puddles and reducing the risk of flooding.

This makes it an eco-friendly choice for surfaces and helps to mitigate the amount of rainwater entering the sewer networks.

Absolutely! The combination of aggregates and resin creates a robust surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic, vehicles, and various weather conditions.

Naturally non-slip and the ability to increase the abrasive nature of the surface, it can be one of the best surfaces for areas such as walkways, paths and entrances.

Yes, it’s an excellent choice for driveways. Its durability and permeability make it a practical and aesthetically pleasing option for both residential and commercial driveways.

With proper installation and maintenance, resin bound stone can last for many years. Its durability makes it a long-term solution for surfacing needs. Many factors will determine the longevity of the surface, including the type of base on which it is laid, the surface thickness, the purpose for which it is used and the installation method. 

The average estimate is between 10-15 years but many installations, when well maintained can last over 20 years.

Regular sweeping and occasional power washing are usually sufficient to maintain the appearance of the surface.

Periodic resealing may be carried out for prolonged durability and to keep the surface looking at its best, but depending on the method can result in a reduction in permeability.

Absolutely! One of its standout features is the wide range of colour choices available.

This allows for creative and customized designs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any area. Contrast areas can also be installed, such as borders, design features (e.g. compasses, logos) and colours can be matched to surroundings to suit practically any colour palette.

Yes, it’s a popular choice for landscaping projects, such as patios, terraces or borders.

Its versatility in colour options and smooth finish make it ideal for creating decorative pathways, patios, and other outdoor features.

Yes, it provides a solid, smooth and even surface, making it wheelchair-friendly.

Its permeability also helps in preventing surface water accumulation.

Resin bound stone offers a more modern and visually appealing alternative to traditional paving, such as tarmac, concrete or block-paving.

It provides a seamless, low-maintenance surface with a variety of design possibilities. Thanks to its permeability and natural non-slip properties, it shouldn’t degrade, crack or crumble like concrete or tarmac, and does not require maintaining as much as block paving, which requires sanding and occasional relevelling after washing or heavy rainfall.

Absolutely! Its permeable nature allows water and nutrients to reach the soil, making it a practical choice for landscaping around trees and garden beds.

In fact, resin bound stone used as an upper surface is very common in town planning to keep litter and other waste from collecting around the base of trees, often known as tree pits.

Absolutely! One of its standout features is the wide range of colour choices available.

This allows for creative and customized designs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any area. Contrast areas can also be installed, such as borders, design features (e.g. compasses, logos) and colours can be matched to surroundings to suit practically any colour palette.

Why should a landscaper consider using resin bound stone?

Resin bound stone is a mixture of natural aggregates bound together with a UV-stable resin. It creates a solid, permeable surface that is both durable and visually appealing.

When used to replace block-paving, much of the existing sub-base groundwork has already been completed, and utilising a mesh or grid product, the installation can be highly effective and cost-efficient.

Resin bound can be used wherever you might find concrete, tarmac, loose gravel, block paving or slabs, making it a great choice for so many projects both commercial and domestic.

The permeability of resin bound stone is a game-changer for builders. It effectively manages water drainage on outdoor surfaces, not only meeting stringent environmental regulations but also reducing the need for additional, often costly drainage systems.

This inherent permeability contributes to the longevity and sustainability of construction projects.

Certainly! Resin bound stone’s durability makes it an excellent choice for areas with heavy foot traffic or vehicular movement.

Whether it’s a bustling pedestrian zone or a driveway accommodating regular vehicle use, the robust nature of resin bound stone ensures a resilient surface that can withstand the rigours of high-traffic environments.

Flooring contractors can significantly boost their profits by incorporating resin bound stone installations into their repertoire. The combination of durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal creates a compelling package for clients. 

The growing demand for sustainable and visually pleasing flooring options positions contractors to tap into a lucrative market, securing long-term business success.

Absolutely! Resin bound stone stands out as an ideal choice for commercial landscaping projects. Its durability withstands heavy foot traffic, making it suitable for public spaces, walkways, and urban landscaping. 

The diverse colour range adds a creative dimension, allowing commercial projects to achieve both functionality and aesthetic allure.

The diverse colour range of resin bound stone serves as a creative palette for flooring contractors. Offering clients a wide spectrum of options allows for tailored designs that complement different architectural styles and individual preferences. 

This versatility not only enhances the visual appeal of spaces but also showcases the contractor’s commitment to providing personalised solutions.

Indeed, resin bound stone proves to be a cost-effective choice for builders. While initial installation costs might be comparable to traditional methods, the long-term benefits shine through.

Its durability and low maintenance reduce the need for frequent repairs, ultimately leading to cost savings over the lifespan of the project. This makes it an economically sound investment for builders.

Yes, the versatility of resin bound stone makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of projects. Landscapers can seamlessly incorporate it into residential driveways, garden paths, and patios, as well as public spaces like parks and urban developments.

Its adaptability ensures that landscapers can cater to diverse client needs across various environments.

The permeability of resin bound stone aligns perfectly with contemporary environmental regulations for builders. By facilitating effective water drainage, it reduces surface runoff and promotes sustainable construction practices.

This not only meets regulatory standards but also contributes to eco-friendly building initiatives, positioning installers as environmentally conscious professionals.

Yes, the installation process of resin bound stone is notably time-efficient for flooring contractors. Compared to traditional paving methods, the seamless application and curing process allow contractors to complete projects more quickly.

This efficiency not only benefits contractors by saving time and resources but also enhances client satisfaction with timely project delivery.

If laying on a tarmac or concrete base, this can slow the installation process down due to the time needed for the surface to cure and for any oils or residues to dissipate. For the most efficient and effective installation without curing times, use a ground grid such as X-Grid or a purpose-made mesh product.

The aesthetic appeal of resin bound stone serves as a transformative element for landscapers. Its visually pleasing finish and diverse colour options elevate the overall aesthetic of outdoor spaces.

Landscapers can leverage these qualities to enhance their portfolio, attract a broader client base, and set themselves apart in a competitive market by offering modern and eye-catching landscaping solutions.

Absolutely! One of its standout features is the wide range of colour choices available.

This allows for creative and customized designs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any area. Contrast areas can also be installed, such as borders, design features (e.g. compasses, logos) and colours can be matched to surroundings to suit practically any colour palette.

Why should a builders merchant consider stocking resin bound gravel products?

Builders merchants can greatly benefit from offering resin bound gravel products as they cater to the increasing demand for sustainable and visually appealing landscaping solutions. 

The permeability of these products aligns with environmental regulations, and the diverse colour choices provide customers with customisation options for their projects.

The permeability of resin bound gravel is a key advantage for garden centre customers. It promotes healthier plant growth by allowing water to penetrate the soil, reducing the risk of waterlogging.

This makes it an attractive option for garden projects, contributing to overall landscape health.

Stocking resin bound gravel products can enhance a construction retailer’s profitability through increased sales and customer satisfaction. 

The products offer a durable and low-maintenance solution, reducing the likelihood of returns or complaints, and the diverse colour range attracts a wider customer base seeking both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Resin bound gravel products provide an excellent material for eye-catching and practical landscaping displays.

Builders merchants can showcase the products in various colours and applications, demonstrating their versatility to potential customers and encouraging sales through visual inspiration.

The diverse colour range of resin bound gravel products serves as a unique selling point for retailers.

Customers are drawn to the opportunity to personalise their outdoor spaces, and the wide array of colours allows them to find the perfect match for their landscaping vision, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Yes, stocking resin bound gravel products is a financially sound decision for construction retailers. The products’ durability and low maintenance contribute to customer satisfaction, reducing the likelihood of returns or warranty claims.

This, coupled with the growing market demand, positions the retailer for long-term profitability.

Certainly! Builders merchants can offer valuable guidance on the installation of resin bound gravel products. This may include providing instructional materials, product demonstrations, or connecting customers with reputable installation services. This support enhances the customer experience and builds trust in the retailer’s expertise.

We have an off-the-peg training programme which can be held at or in association with a trade counter or retailer in your local area, to help encourage, stimulate and educate local contractors.

Garden centres can highlight the permeability of resin bound gravel products in their marketing efforts. Emphasising the benefits of water drainage and soil aeration appeals to environmentally conscious customers, positioning the garden centre as a provider of sustainable landscaping solutions.

Yes, there is a noticeable and growing demand for resin bound gravel products in the construction retail market. Customers increasingly seek alternatives that balance functionality and aesthetics, and the eco-friendly nature of these products aligns with current trends in sustainable construction and landscaping.

Stocking resin bound gravel products can contribute to higher profitability compared to traditional landscaping materials for builders merchants.

While the initial cost may be comparable, the long-term benefits, including reduced maintenance and increased customer satisfaction, make it a lucrative investment.

Absolutely! Garden centres can enhance customer engagement by offering workshops or educational sessions on resin bound gravel products. 

This not only provides valuable information to customers but also establishes the garden centre as a trusted source of expertise, driving repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

Construction retailers can effectively market the diverse colour choices of resin bound gravel products through various channels. This may include creating visually appealing displays, using social media to showcase real-life installations, and providing colour swatches or samples.

Marketing the products as a means of creative expression for customers will attract those seeking unique and personalised landscaping solutions.