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highly Permeable

Rubber mulch surfaces allow water to pass through them whilst still offering protection against slips, trips and falls.

Where you’re looking to create a vibrant, soft and permeable surface, look no further than rubber mulch.

seamless surface

Unlike rubber tiles, rubber mulch is a seamless surface which can be retrofitted around and under existing playground equipment with ease. 

Thanks to the continuous nature of the surface, there is less maintenance required and it is much less likely that the surface will become uneven or start to pull apart.

weather resistant

Rubber mulch is a nautral product which expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations. 

Capable of withstanding the hottest summer sun and the coldest UK winters, whilst still retaining anti-slip properties thanks to its texture.

naturally non-slip

Thanks to its natural, bark-like texture and non-uniform shape, rubber mulch is naturally non-slip. This is a real benefit when used on playareas, playgrounds, multiuse games areas and walkways.

vibrant colours

The PERMABOUND rubber mulch range boasts a number of different colourts, both vibrant and natural, making it simple to match the surface colour to the surroundings. 

It’s also possible to use multiple colours to create attractive contrast areas.

safety surface

Designed with safety in mind, rubber mulch can be used to create a safe surface to protect against critical falls from heights of up to 2.7m when installed correctly. 

This makes it a perfect choice under play equipment such as swingsets, slides or towers.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is rubber mulch?

Rubber mulch is a surface material made from recycled rubber, often sourced from tires.

It is commonly used in landscaping and play areas for its unique properties.

Rubber mulch allows water to pass through, promoting efficient drainage.

This permeability helps prevent water pooling and runoff, making it an excellent choice for landscaping projects.

Yes, rubber mulch is environmentally friendly as it repurposes recycled materials.

Its permeable nature also supports soil health and minimizes water runoff, contributing to sustainable landscaping practices.

Rubber mulch does not decompose like traditional organic mulches. Its durability ensures a long-lasting solution, reducing the need for frequent replacement.

Rubber mulch provides a soft and impact-absorbing surface, reducing the risk of injuries in play areas.

Its cushioning properties make it an excellent choice for under playground equipment.

Yes, rubber mulch is durable and resilient, making it suitable for high-traffic areas such as pathways and recreational spaces.

Its permeability also helps maintain a stable surface.

Rubber mulch may retain some heat, but its colour choice can influence this. Lighter colours reflect more sunlight, reducing heat absorption. Proper installation and choosing the right colour can mitigate heat retention.

Yes, rubber mulch is resistant to pests and fungi. Unlike organic mulches, it doesn’t provide a conducive environment for insects or microbial growth, contributing to a cleaner and healthier landscape.

Absolutely! Rubber mulch is a versatile landscaping material. Its permeable nature allows water and nutrients to reach the soil, providing a protective and visually appealing cover around plants and trees.

The permeability of rubber mulch ensures that water penetrates the soil, preventing waterlogging and promoting aeration. This benefits soil health by maintaining optimal moisture levels and supporting root growth.

Yes, rubber mulch is an excellent choice for areas around water features or pools. Its permeability allows water to pass through, preventing surface water accumulation and creating a safer and slip-resistant environment.

Rubber mulch is low-maintenance. Regular sweeping and occasional cleaning with a soft detergent is usually enough to keep it at its best.

Its durability and resistance to decay mean less frequent replacement compared to traditional organic mulches.

Why should a surfacing contractor consider adding rubber mulch to their list of surfacing types?

Incorporating rubber mulch into a surfacing contractor’s offerings brings a range of benefits, with safety being a prime consideration. The impact-absorbing properties of rubber mulch make it an excellent choice for areas where safety is paramount, such as playgrounds or recreational spaces.

Rubber mulch’s safety properties are unparalleled, providing a cushioned surface that minimises the risk of injuries from falls.

This makes it an ideal surfacing option for play areas, creating a secure environment for children and reducing the impact on joints during physical activities.

Rubber mulch is renowned for its ease of installation. Surfacing contractors can quickly and efficiently install rubber mulch, saving time and resources compared to some other surfacing types.

This facilitates a streamlined installation process, benefiting both the contractor and the client.

Yes, one of the notable advantages of rubber mulch is its flexibility during installation. Surfacing contractors can easily retrofit rubber mulch around existing objects, such as play equipment, bins, benches, and other structures. 

This adaptability ensures a seamless and tailored finish to the surfacing project.

The versatility of rubber mulch makes it a valuable addition to a surfacing contractor’s repertoire. Whether installing in playgrounds, parks, or recreational spaces, the ability to adapt to different environments and retrofit around existing structures enhances the contractor’s capability to meet diverse project requirements.

Rubber mulch proves to be a cost-effective choice for surfacing contractors. Its ease of installation reduces labour costs, and the durability of the material ensures a long-lasting surface, minimising the need for frequent replacements. This cost-efficiency contributes to the overall profitability of surfacing projects.

Surfacing contractors and clients increasingly value environmentally friendly options. Rubber mulch, made from recycled materials, aligns with this ethos. 

Its eco-friendly composition adds an attractive dimension to surfacing projects, appealing to environmentally conscious contractors and clients alike.

The quick and efficient installation process of rubber mulch contributes to a faster project turnaround for surfacing contractors. This is particularly advantageous in projects with tight timelines, allowing contractors to deliver high-quality surfaces promptly.

Absolutely! Rubber mulch comes in a variety of colours, allowing surfacing contractors to customise the finish based on aesthetic preferences.

This versatility caters to different design requirements, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the surfacing project.

Absolutely! Surfacing contractors can prominently feature the safety benefits of rubber mulch in their marketing efforts.

Highlighting the impact-absorbing properties and reduced injury risk in play areas can set contractors apart in the competitive market, attracting clients seeking top-notch safety standards.

Why should a retailer consider stocking rubber mulch?

Retailers should stock rubber mulch due to its increasing popularity among customers seeking sustainable and safe landscaping options.

The product’s unique features, particularly permeability and safety attributes, make it a valuable addition to any landscaping product range.

Stocking rubber mulch aligns with a retailer’s commitment to safety and sustainability. This product emphasizes safety through its impact-absorbing properties, reducing the risk of injuries in outdoor spaces. 

Additionally, its permeability supports environmentally conscious landscaping practices, appealing to customers with a focus on sustainable solutions.

Absolutely! Retailers can spotlight the safety benefits of rubber mulch in marketing campaigns, emphasising its impact absorption in play areas and reduced injury risk. This positions the retailer as a provider of secure and reliable landscaping options.

Stocking rubber mulch addresses the demand for pet-friendly landscaping. Its non-toxic composition and comfortable surface make it a safe option for pets, and as a retailer, offering this pet-friendly alternative enhances the appeal of your landscaping product range.

Absolutely! Retailers can highlight the durability and low-maintenance aspects of rubber mulch, emphasizing its long-lasting nature and reduced need for replacement compared to traditional mulches. This positions the product as a convenient and cost-effective choice for customers.