Resin Surfacing Products

PermaBound SG Rubber Binder

Density (at 25°c)
1.11 g/cm3
Viscosity (at 25°c)
3000 mPas
Mix Ratio
Tensile Strength
Elongation at Break
Flexaural Strength
NCO Content
14 %
25kg, 6.5kg

PERMABOUND SG, the pinnacle of excellence in rubber flooring systems. Crafted specifically for rubber mulch and soft gravel, our high-quality moisture-curing binder redefines performance standards with its single-component MDI polyurethane formula.

PERMABOUND SG offers a comprehensive blend of high-tensile strength, permeability and flexibility, ensuring unparalleled performance in rubber flooring systems. With its moisture-curing properties, our binder simplifies the installation process, eliminating the need for additional catalysts or mixing agents.

Maintaining the porosity of the rubber flooring system, PERMABOUND SG allows water to pass through, preventing the formation of puddles and reducing the risk of slips. Our unique formulation enables rubber granules to retain flexibility, creating a surface that absorbs impacts and adapts to movements, ensuring durability and longevity.

Whether for playgrounds, sports facilities, or recreational spaces, our binder guarantees safety, durability, and peace of mind for every project. Experience the superior quality of PERMABOUND SG – the ultimate solution for safe, resilient, and long-lasting rubber flooring systems.