Resin Surfacing Products

PermaPrime Resin Bound Primer

PermaPrime Resin Bound Primer is an innovative solution tailored for resin bound stone installations. With a tin capacity of 5 litres, each PermaPrime tin offers extensive coverage ranging from approximately 30m² to 50m², depending on application rates.

Crafted with advanced technology, PermaPrime is formulated to enhance adhesion between porous surfaces such as concrete or tarmac and mixed resin bound stone material. Its high-performance moisture-curing urethane prepolymer creates a strong bond between the resin and the substrate below, ensuring long-lasting durability and stability.

Applied prior to laying your resin bound material, PermaPrime acts as a quick-drying coating system, forming a protective barrier between the stone mixture and the underlying surface. This barrier not only improves adhesion but also prevents porous bases from absorbing resin, thereby preserving the integrity of the final surface.

Proper preparation is essential for optimal results. Ensure the substrate is sound, clean, dry, and free from any oil or grease. Repair any cracks or defects before application to ensure maximum performance. PermaPrime is easily applied straight from the can using a brush or roller, with one application typically sufficient. Highly porous substrates may require two coats for complete coverage.