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Caramelita Resin Bound Stone Path & Patio




Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK


AH Paving, Chesterfield


PERMABOUND UVR+ Resin Stone Binder


This case study delves into a stunning project where 101m² of PERMABOUND resin bound stone was used to create a beautiful pathway and patio.

The homeowner opted for the Caramelita blend due to its wonderful mix of golden, brown, white, and red aggregates, creating a traditional colour blend perfect for their countryside setting. Caramelita is the perfect blend for breathing new life into outdoor areas with its vibrant and natural appearance.



This installation was carried out by AH Paving's three-man team, showcasing their excellent teamwork and precise workmanship honed through years of experience.

The first member of the team controlled the mixing of PERMABOUND material. They created a textbook set up for resin bound installations by stacking each mix separately with each stack containing: a PERMABOUND UVR+ resin binder, four PERMABOUND bags of aggregate from large to small and a bag of binding quartz. He then proceeded to add the stone, resin binder and binding quartz to their SoRoTo forced action mixer, mixing each batch for the same duration before transporting it to the installation area.

The second member of the team took on the role of evenly spreading the mixed material over the installation area with the use of a spazzle. This step is vital in ensuring the even distribution of material across the surface and in creating a well-compacted PERMABOUND surface.

The third team member then completed the process by hand-troweling the PERMABOUND surface with the use of a specialist resin bound trowel. Hand-troweling is critical in achieving a compact, level and smooth finish for resin bound surfaces. Trowel technique is just one of the subjects covered during PERMABOUND resin bound training days.


The homeowner and AH Paving were delighted with the outcome of this stunning Caramelita resin bound stone installation! The path and patio area have been completely transformed following the application of PERMABOUND material. Both spaces now radiate elegance, providing the homeowner with appealing, permeable and low-maintenance surfaces. The AH Paving team's attention to detail ensured they produced a stunning, uniform PERMABOUND surface which will stand the test of time.

If you’re considering PERMABOUND surfacing for your property or are interested in becoming a PERMABOUND installer or stockist, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you to PERMABOUND stockists, GCL Products and the team at AH Paving for sharing this outstanding project with us.

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