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Green Colourbound Playground Safety Surface




London, England


Allium Landscapes, London



This case study focuses on a homeowner's garden where Allium Landscapes were tasked with transforming an outdoor area into a safe and enjoyable play space for young children. This was to be achieved with the installation of a 40m² PERMABOUND Green Colourbound safety surface under a brand new playground.

Their search for an optimal safety surfacing solution led them to choose a PERMABOUND Colourbound surface, recognising its ability to significantly reduce the risk of fall-related injuries, minimise regular maintenance and provide a stable non-slip surface ideal for running, jumping, and general play.



The installation process commenced with the excavation of the existing grass and soil surface. In its place, a strong suitable sub-base was prepared to establish a reliable foundation for the new rubber safety surface - an essential step in ensuring the surface's stability and longevity.

SBR rubber was then mixed with PERMABOUND SG binder in a forced action mixer and laid onto the prepared sub-base. Careful planning of the SBR base thickness was crucial in achieving the desired critical fall height performance required of the rubber safety surface to ensure all users of the playground would have some protection in the event of trips or falls.

Following this, Green PERMABOUND Colourbound, mixed with our specialist PERMABOUND SG binder, was expertly hand-trowelled onto the prepared SBR base. The 15mm top layer was finished with a roller, creating a seamless rubber surface ready for the playground to be assembled. The vibrant green colour not only added an inviting yet natural touch to the garden but also ensured a safe and cushioned surface for children's play. With the Colourbound rubber safety surface complete and fully cured, the climbing frame and slide were assembled and installed following the manufacturer's instructions to complete the project.


The transformation of the homeowner's garden is truly remarkable. The green Colourbound surface has provided them with an incredibly safe, durable and visually appealing play surface beneath their new wooden climbing frame and slide. The safety measures taken for the playground offer everyone complete peace of mind that children are in a safe environment whilst enjoying their outdoor play haven.

Thank you to PERMABOUND stockists, GCL Products and the Allium Landscapes team for sharing this wonderful safety surfacing installation with us.

If you’re considering a PERMABOUND surface for your property or are interested in becoming a PERMABOUND installer or stockist, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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