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Steel Blue & Glacier Resin Bound Stone Driveway




Newcastle, England


White Bridge Construction, Blyth


Steel Blue
PERMABOUND UVR+ Resin Stone Binder

"The homeowner is over the moon with the end result of their brand new resin bound stone driveway!

We as installers were also incredibly impressed with the PERMABOUND products!"


In this case study, we explore a recent success story featuring a PERMABOUND resin bound stone driveway installation completed by White Bridge Construction. The homeowner approached the White Bridge team with a vision to replace their existing driveway, seeking an attractive durable, fully SuDs-compliant and low-maintenance solution that would also enhance their property's kerb appeal.


Unsure of the most suitable solution for their home, White Bridge proposed the installation of a resin bound stone driveway. This modern surfacing option, renowned for its durability, permeability and aesthetic charm, aligned perfectly with the homeowner's requirements.

To aid in the decision-making process, the White Bridge team presented the homeowner with a wide range of available colour blends with the use of a professional PERMABOUND Sample Case. Viewing samples in person allowed the homeowner to make an informed decision on the perfect blends to enhance the appearance of their home. The chosen combination of Steel Blue with a Glacier border was then agreed upon.


The installation process started with sub-surface preparation. The homeowner's existing block-paved driveway was removed to make way for a permeable tarmac surface that would provide the ideal foundation for the new resin bound stone surface.

The next step of the installation was mixing the resin bound material. Using a SoRoTo forced action mixer, one team member combined a PERMABOUND UVR+ resin binder, four bags of specialist stone and a bag of binding quartz. The mixed material was then transferred to the designated installation area using a wheelbarrow.

With the material in place, the second member of the team commenced the initial spreading process using a spazzle, ensuring the resin bound material was at the correct depth for the subsequent hand-trowelling phase.

Finally, the third member of the team began the hand-trowelling process using specialist resin bound trowels. This step is vital in achieving a compact, even and flawlessly smooth finish to the resin bound stone surface.

This process was then replicated until the entire driveway installation was finished. The team mixed the material for the same duration to ensure consistency throughout before repeating the rough spreading and hand trowelling until the surface was completed. Their outstanding attention to detail and expert craftsmanship resulted in a modern, attractive, level and SuDs-compliant PEMABOUND surface.


White Bridge Construction's installation of the PERMABOUND resin bound stone driveway not only met but surpassed the client's expectations. The stunning surface not only enhanced the visual appeal of the homeowner's property but also delivered a durable, SuDs compliant and low-maintenance parking solution. The selected PERMABOUND blends, Steel Blue and Glacier worked together perfectly, culminating in an incredibly successful project.

We would like to extend our thanks to White Bridge Construction and PERMABOUND stockist, GCL Products for sharing this superb surfacing project with us.

If you’re considering a PERMABOUND surface for your property or are interested in becoming a PERMABOUND installer or stockist, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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